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Updated: Jul 21, 2022

The Healing Frequency Music Project

When my physical therapist told me about Wholetones, I thought they were just another binaural beats type gig (I’ve pretty much tried them all), but when I went home to research them and listened to the samples, I could tell they were different than any other sound therapy I had ever heard.

When I read the story of how they originated, and the healing testimonies, I just about flipped. I’ve been listening to them ever since and am totally addicted. I’ve seen great results, including pain relief (especially headaches/migraines), better sleep, a greater ability to focus on tasks, relief of anxiety and depression symptoms, and an overall improvement in sensory processing difficulties. I even turned my husband into a Wholetones junkie as well and I will tell you, it works amazing to calm a baby. Wholetones is now pretty much the soundtrack of our life.

There are 7 main songs in the Wholetones collection, each one lasting 22 minutes. Each song has a special frequency with a specific therapeutic purpose. For instance the 396 hz song Open Door is very helpful for calming and restful sleep, whereas Desert Sojourn (417 hz) really helps get the brain to a focused state when you have to accomplish a project.

You can listen to the samples in the video above.

But the benefits of listening to the Wholetones frequencies don’t stop there. I have heard powerful testimonies of healing and recovery from individuals who were using Wholetones as a listening therapy to activate their body’s God given healing power and potential.

I personally bought the large kit for about $150 that included, a book, CD set and DVD/ Blu ray set. You can also purchase a kit with just the book and DVD/Blu ray set, or a kit that just includes the Book and CD Set. If I were to purchase right now though, I would probably just get this special speaker that comes with all 7 songs already loaded on it. This wasn’t available when I made my purchase a couple years ago.

If you are interested in learning more about Wholetones, check out their website and see for yourself.

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