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Neurofeedback has been such a blessing to me in my healing journey. If you have a brain injury, ptsd, developmental disorder, or any chronic illness, chances are the electrical activity in your brain is very abnormal.

This can be tested with a Quantitative EEG, and Neurofeedback training can help the networks in your brain start to communicate better, allowing you to not only feel better but also creating a better environment in your brain and body for neuroplasticity to take place.

Here I am watching Star Wars by using the electrical activity of my brain to play the movie. Are you thinking what I’m thinking? #jedimasterliz

There are brain centers, clinics, and behavioral therapy offices all over the country who use all different kinds of nfb to help their patients get well.

Here is an educational podcast about nfb from the Train Your Brain Podcast with Dr Trayford, and here is an article from Psychology Today about it. This is another Informative page about Neurofeedback from the office of one of my neuro-psychiatrists.

The left picture is training 2 channels. I did this 2 times a week at a local office and the right is me training 19 channels at the brain center I traveled to for 5 to 10 days at a time. Both have been beneficial in their own way.

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