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What We Do

One on One

Coaching Sessions

Individual coaching appointments are available in person or online. We do not charge for these appointments. If you have found your one on one time to be helpful, we kindly ask for you to consider paying it forward by submitting a free will donation to Hope Unfading.


Our website is full of health and healing resources for you to browse. These resources cover the spiritual as well as the emotional and physical aspects of healing.  We are always adding more reliable resources as we become aware of them. 

Teaching Webinars

Hope Unfading offers some teachings online in a group setting. We focus on health and healing encompassing spirit soul and body. Join our mailing list to receive notifications on when they occur.

Prayer and Prophecy

We believe whole heartedly in the power of prayer and prophecy. Let us know how we can pray for you in this season. We have seen so much breakthrough in healing when the Lord moves and gives words of knowledge and wisdom concerning a person's unique situation. The Lord created us and knows everything about us, including what needs to be done to remove blockages to our healing. He should be consulted first and foremost above any doctor, therapist, or mentor.

Health and Healing


Join us in person for the next Health and Healing seminar. Learn practical steps to healing and living in divine health. Hear live testimonies, be prayed for and ministered to. Join our mailing list to be in the know about our next event.

Social Support

Hope Unfading is on Facebook and Instagram. Liz is transparent in her posts about what its like to live with a chronic illness as well as walk in healing and divine health. The victories, the set backs, and lessons learned along the way. Find your story in her story and the comments from others  that she receives. Know that you are not alone and we are in your corner cheering you on.


Get in touch to learn more about how we can help.

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