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Z-Bell Testing

Resource Description

Taken from the Mind Eye Institute Website

Thanks to the efforts of its founder, Deborah Zelinsky, O.D., the Mind-Eye Institute has developed a simple, easy examination – the Z-Bell Test® – to check a person’s overall eyesight – peripheral and central — and the integration of visual processing with listening. The test has changed the lives of many pediatric and adult patients, because it has allowed the Mind-Eye Institute team to prescribe eyeglasses that normalize the balance between central and peripheral eyesight receptors in the retina, while improving the connection between eyes and ears.

The Z-Bell Test®, which has become internationally recognized by eye experts and scientists, determines whether the environment is “in sync” or just plain confusing for patients.

The right mix of filters, lenses and/or prisms can readjust a patient’s visual balance and eye-ear connection by altering the way light disperses across the retina, thereby allowing patients to reach out with their eyes closed and immediately touch a small bell ringing near them. Changes in luminance on the eye affect how the brain interprets and reacts to information about the environment and can impact a person’s spatial awareness, movement, and selective attention to sound. In fact, sound can modify a person's reactions and responses to visual stimulation, because of the internal spatial mapping that has to match to make sense out of the environment.


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