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Switch on Your Brain

Resource Description

I first learned about Dr. Caroline Leaf from a friend who had a son with special needs. Dr. Leaf is truly a pioneer in the world of neuroscience and healing the brain with the God given miracle of neuroplasticity. Switch on Your Brain is a wonderful book about how we do not have to be a victim of our biology and we can use our mind to change our brain. Every thought we have is an actual tangible matter that takes up real estate, and we can rearrange and restructure our thoughts to promote healing in our brain and body. SWITCH ON YOUR BRAIN provides a program for a 21 day brain detox. Dr Leaf explains the importance of the 21 and 63 day patterns and what actually starts to happen to the connections in your brain during that time. Anyone can benefit from this book. It can be a bit high level with pretty scientific language at some points, so I recommend both purchasing the book and the audible version so that you can listen, read and take notes, because you do not want to miss anything Dr Leaf has to say. Dr. Leaf also has some great teachings on Youtube as well as her own TV show.


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