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The Switch

Updated: Dec 4, 2022

This past Sunday, we had Andrew Kubala as a guest speaker at our church. I was excited to see him preach, because I have been studying his teachings over and over the past couple years. During worship, I cried out to God and said, “I know you’ve told me Your plan for how You’re healing me and I am thankful that You have been true to Your word. I have come so far already, but can You do something tonight God? I know I am healed. I know it’s already promised and I am walking in it and seeing Your wonders everyday, but can You just move in some special way tonight?”

Andrew’s message was on point, “Practice what you Preach.” It’s funny how in the midst of me coaching so many people on how they can walk in healing, I can get complacent with all the progress I’ve made and start to get lazy in my own fight for full and total restoration. The downside of knowing in your heart and mind that your healing is a done deal and watching it play out in the natural, is that it can be all too easy to rest on your laurels and stop warring in the spirit like you once did. Andrew’s Sunday message encouraged me to get just as relentless spiritually as I was years ago, when I wasn’t even able to get out of bed on my own strength.

After the message, Andrew said he felt there were ladies in the room that were in multiple vehicle accidents – and went on to say something about “for someone the accidents possibly being at least 5 or so years ago.” My friends who knew my story turned to look at me as I myself realized who he was talking about. I have never been so specifically called down to the front before especially by someone from halfway around the world who knew nothing about me or my story. Andrew asked me a little about the accidents and what I’ve been dealing with because of them. I told him about my brain injuries and the things like chronic pain, both physical and emotional, that comes with them. He asked me what I would like him to pray for, and of course, I said “my brain.” He prayed for my brain for a bit and then touched my back and said he felt that God told him that there is a lot going on with a curvature or something in my spine, especially in my lower back, and I have been seeing someone like maybe a chiropractor or someone to try to help it.

As he and everyone else in the service prayed, I felt a warm sensation enter my back and the power of God was so overwhelming in that moment, I have yet to be able to put the experience into words. A few minutes later, Andrew asked if all the back issues were true, and I told him about the problems with scoliosis, lordosis, and degenerative and bulging discs and that I had been seeing doctors for those issues since I was a little girl. Although the doctors, therapists, and I trained my posture to noticeably improve over the years and I wasn’t referred to as “the girl with the back” anymore, the painful misalignments still remained. I never thought to ask for healing for these issues, because they’ve always just been there and taken a back seat to my more serious brain injuries. He, without me telling him any of these details, had put his hand right in the same spot that the degenerative and bulging discs were, and I have felt this warm, almost burning sensation and movement ever since.

I know this sounds crazy, but yesterday and today, that feeling and movement has traveled up my back and to my ribs that had been noticeably crooked since I can remember. I believe that God is doing a miracle right now in my spine that years of chiropractic, physical therapy, and back braces have not been able to budge. A miracle that I never even thought to ask for, with an ailment that I got complacent with having, because I learned to tolerate the pain.

I believe the prayer of faith that was lifted up Sunday night has caused not only an instant miracle to begin to take place, but so many breakthroughs in the unseen that I will continue to watch come to fruition in the natural before my eyes.

So many people think the only miracles that happen are the ones you can see right away; but I’ve read too much of my Bible and seen too many of my own miracles already in my healing to believe that. When Jesus cursed the fig tree, a power was released and a process started immediately in that tree. The disciples didn’t see the noticeable evidence until they came back the next day to see it withered. (Mark 11:12-25) Peter (commonly the first to believe) said to Jesus, “Rabbi, look! The fig tree which You cursed has withered!”

I believe in that moment, all the disciples had the choice to decide how they believed it really happened.

I know for a fact that there was a shift Sunday night, both for my spine and brain healing. Something connected. A door opened somewhere. A switch turned on in my body. I cannot wait to see the curtain pulled back and share the evidence.

Just the simple fact that God had Andrew call me out like that and that he knew to pray for something so significant that I didn’t even mention, gave both Brendan and me a renewed confirmation that God sees us and our faith; and that He isn’t nearly as interested in meeting our expectations for healing as He is in exceeding them many times over.

“Now to Him who is able to do exceedingly abundantly above all that we ask or think, according to the power that works in us.” Ephesians 3:20

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