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IGG Food Intolerance

IGG food intolerance testing has led to a huge breakthrough for me in my health.

It tests for IGG antibodies in your blood to a variety of foods. If you have too many of these antibodies, they can wreak havoc in your body and attack your healthy tissues, including brain tissue. As you can see in the picture my casein, cow’s milk, whey, and yogurt were extreme which is common in brain injury, autism, auto immune disease, etc.

I discovered this testing in 2012 and I have seen amazing results when eliminating these from my diet including no more leg pain and Restless leg Syndrome Symptoms.

Part of our responsibility in healing our brains is to create the best environment in our body for that healing to occur. Some people are skeptical of this type of food sensitivity testing, but I have seen the power of it in my own health and the health of many others.

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